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    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This com- munication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


    “ICT goes to school”

    The conference „ICT goes to school“ took place on October 22 at Wiener Urania. It was attended by more than 70 national and international guests, and organised by die Berater® in collaboration with the Austrian Computer Society (OCG). The conference was the closing convention of the ICTeacher project.
    During the meeting, the participants discussed results, experiences and products of the ICTeacher project and other initiatives related to the topic of school and information and communication technology. After inspiring lectures and presentations during the morning and in the early afternoon, the participants split into three groups for workshops on the topics “ICT in School – examples, obstacles, vision”. These workshops offered the participants the chance to share and reflect on their first-hand experiences in schools.
    The breaks were used by the participants for intense networking and exchanging experiences.
    The most important parts of the conference were published on  YouTube:
    The following  lectures are available on YouTube:

    All participants of the conference gave a very positive feedback.

    5. ICTeacher project meeting

    The 5th and last meeting of the ICTeacher project took place in Vienna (Austria) form 21st to 22nd October 2010.The first day of the meeting started with a successful presentation of our ICTeacher project to about 50 participants of the “eLearning Didaktik Fachtagung” of the Austrian teachers at TGM schooll in Vienna’s 20th district.. The audience asked several questions, and started a lively discussion. After the presentation, we engaged in compelling conversations and exchanged contact details for further networking.Brochures and flyers were displayed for the 300+ participants, which included teachers, educators and employees of educational institutions.In the afternoon the partners met at die Berater® office in the first district of Vienna.The partners discussed the tasks still due and set deadlines for the finalisation of the project. Also the project coordinator informed the partners of the necessary information for the final report.The rest of the afternoon has been used for the preparation of the „ICT goes to school“ conference and the partners discussed the course of the conference and the presentation of our project by the consortium.On the second day the partners took part in the ICTeacher Conference “ICT goes to school”.

    4. ICTeacher project meeting

    The fourth ICTeacher meeting took place in Aarhus (Denmark) from 13th to 16th June 2010.
    An important focus of this meeting was the review of the pilot phase in the partner countries. The project partners discussed the pilot evaluation and the findings of the external evaluation report, as well as the modifications of the ICTeacher course offer necessary as a result.
    Based on these very fertile discussions in the working the necessary steps were taken and tasks allocated.
    Other important issues on the Aarhus agenda were the preparation of the dissemination conference in Vienna in October 2010 and the plans for exploiting the ICTeacher course offer after the end of the project.
    Our colleagues from VIA University College Aarhus managed to create a pleasant working environment and offered the opportunity to get to know Danish food. Thanks a lot!

    Pilottest ICTeacher

    The ICTeacher pilot test took place in all partner countries between 8 February and 15 April, 2010. The entry test, the ICT basic course (ICTeacher-Start) and the ICTeacher course with all five modules were tested. The evaluation of the pilot course is being prepared by our Danish partners and will be finalized by mid-August.
    You will soon be able to download the final evaluation report on this website.

    3. ICTeacher project meeting

    The third ICTeacher meeting took place from 3rd to 4th December 2009 in Sopron (Hungary). The main goal of this meeting was to schedule the pilot-test which was to take place in all partner countries between February and April 2010. The distribution of work for the finalisation of the five ICTeacher course-modules and the ICTeacher-Start competence test and course were determined. The partners also discussed the last details about the technical implementation.
    Our colleague from the University of Sopron provided for a very pleasant working atmosphere and also offered us opportunities to enjoy the fine food of his home country. Thank you!


    ICTeacher bei der EDEN Conference in Gdansk (Polen)

    The ICTeacher project was presented at EDEN Annual Conference in Gdansk (Poland) (10th to 13th June 2009) to a huge audience. A poster was presented and served as an input for several fruitful discussions with experts in the field of e-learning and distance learning. It was very important get feedback and to see, that we are on the right way with what we do.
    The poster is provided for download on this webpage.

    2. ICTeacher project meeting

    The second ICTeacher meeting took place from 22.04. - 25.04.2009 in Santiago de Compostela (Spain). This meeting’s objective was to develop a training concept for the ICTeacher training. During intensive workshops and discussions, we finally managed to develop the first draft training concept. The meetings were quite long and sometimes exhausting, but our colleagues from USC and CESGA managed to care for our well-being with Spanish hospitality. The meeting was a real success for our team!

    ICTeacher Research Report

    During the first half of the project a qualitative and quantiative research has been conducted in all partner countries and has been comprised to the ICTeacher research report. This gave us the chance to gain an overview about the use of ICT in European classrooms and teachers’ needs.
    We would like to thank all persons participating in the online survey and the qualitative interviews! Thanks to the results of the study we were able to base our educational offer on teacher’s needs.

    Kick Off Meeting

    Wien (06.11.-09.11.2008)