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Applying ICT

Many new technologies (ICT's), such as Facebook and Myspace, are changing the way people interact and share ideas . These technologies are extensively used by young people today and are finding their way into schools. What pupils use during breaks and in their spare time can be successfully integrated into the classroom This is leading to new ways of teaching and learning, promoting more participation in the classroom. Indeed many local government education authorities are promoting these new ideas. The success of these ICT's has led to a growth in demand for training. However applying ICT in class demands technological know-how . The teacher needs to be confident in using the different e-learning platforms and technologies in an effective and secure way.

By following the ICTeacher programme, teachers will gain confidence in their use of these new ICT's in teaching as well as enhance their existing competences. They will also get to know a wide range of new and existing teaching and learning materials, to augment their current teaching methodologies.